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 can you digg it?, the diggorys • basically ducks
 Posted: Jul 24 2014, 11:06 AM

penelope's app

be prepared these are hella specific i'm sorry. if you want to change anything just talk to me about it, i'm flexible ♥

here's a reading of the story of ping in case you don't know it (which is highly likely)

Daisy is Penelope's older sister, but the youngest of the normal siblings. Their parents have grown to start ignoring Penelope. She is the least awful of the "true" Diggorys - Daisy is kind of a bitch, but is actually caring and compassionate when her family's not around to see her.

Despite being what like her parents and siblings (four-point-something GPA and a star in soccer at Baum), Daisy has pretty much always known she wanted to be a teacher, but her parents never really liked that about her. They told her that if she wanted to do pursue that, she had to go teach either the maths or sciences, as they thought that was more on her level. I have her as going into biology, or just the natural sciences, because that was the most interesting out of the bunch. But I can see her actually wanting to go into like early childhood education or special education - she has the compassion that the rest of her family (besides penelope) lacks.

Ping is the story of a duck who was late getting home one day and ran away to escape punishment, but goes through a ton of shit and realizes he should accept the punishment. Take this and interpret it as you will, but I thing for Daisy, it'd be interesting if she was interested in Chinese culture and wanted to study abroad or something there, but doesn't plan on telling her parents. You can change the canon if you want, but I would prefer a duck canon. I also have the lonesome duck of oz as another want ad, so not that duck.

She's smart, kind, compassionate, and willing to put up with Penelope's antics because she actually cares about her. But on the other hand, she's kind of pretentious and a control freak too, and is afraid to stand up for Penelope in front of her family.

Penelope goes to Daisy for help with homework, since she's not as naturally brilliant, and Daisy helps her willingly as long as she promises not to tell the family. Of course, Penelope has no intention of doing so, because she would side with Daisy over anyone else.

In the future (idk how far), Penelope and the rest of the family are going to find out that she was switched at birth, and it's up to you how Daisy takes this news.

(see above for a link to penelope's app where she talks about her family more)

Dean Diggory is the most pretentious out of a family of pretentious people. Egotistical, womanizing, genius, track star, he's pretty much famous in his legacy at Baum and the one he's creating at Barrie.

He's the middle child of the "normal" Diggorys, born almost two years to the day before Daisy. He's the only brother, and is close to their father because men gotta stick together, except he doesn't actually respect the man. He's the most horrific to Penelope, verbally abusing her and calling her names whenever she makes a mistake because god, she's so stupid, how the hell are they related.

He's actually kind of a dick to his whole family, not just Penelope, and he thinks himself smarter and better than all of them. Than, anyone, actually. He's definitely a narcissist. Dean is also very stubborn, in everything he does. He has never been wrong in his life. Either he was right, or he argued so much that the other side got frustrated and quit.

He's double majoring in physics and chemistry at Barrie, but you can change that if you want. I kind of have this headcanon where he got kicked out of Harvard his freshman year for some reason (getting drunk and breaking something, too many professors kicked him out of class, idk) and hates Barrie with a passion.

I only picked the duck from Alice In Wonderland because he was in the caucus race, but if you find another duck canon, let me know.

I don't know how he'd react to the news that Penelope was switched at birth. He'd probably act like he knew all along and continue being horrible to her, or he literally would not care. Up to you.

(again see daisy's box for a link and all that jazz <3)

Daphne is the oldest sibling at 28, and is a graduate of Harvard Medical School with a medical degree, currently in training to become a surgeon. Right now she works at Mount Sinai Hospital, in the clinic. She's all about helping people, supposedly, but some suspect she has a bit of a God complex, as most surgeons (or future surgeons, in this case) do.

Daphne played volleyball at Baum, though her honorable mention in the sports and trophy displays is getting older, and only older teachers would remember her, really.

She's a control freak, carefully calculating everything the way she wants it and getting frustrated when it doesn't go her way. She used to throw biblical temper tantrums, but outgrew that when her younger siblings were born, since she had to babysit. She is kind of a mother hen over her siblings, though she is bossy as fuck. Her and Dean butt heads all the time, since they're both stubborn.

However, Daphne's a little but gullible, and won't notice if you play some sort of trick on her or rope her into a prank (which her younger siblings took advantage of back in the day and probably do now, just not as often), but she'll get angry after the fact. Ducky Daddles / Ducky Lucky went along with Henny Penny / Chicken Little in the folktale, so.

She pretty much just ignores Penelope nowadays, since she has better things to worry about than her little sister, though she does get slightly frustrated with her during family visits.

I can see her actually being surprised that Penelope was switched at birth, mostly because she's concerned about the efficiency of hospitals. But whatevs, up to whoever makes her, u go.

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